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Sayyid Samer Al-Hakim is a practicing pharmacist (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) since 1999 and has been studying in the Seminary of Qum since 2014. In 2020, he completed his Bachelor’s degree, specialising in Qur’anic Sciences, writing a thesis on the importance of and methodology of memorising the Holy Quran. He has finished his Masters in Exegesis and Qur’anic Sciences, with a Masters Thesis entitled "Education – The Holy Qur’an and The United Nations 2030 Agenda". Sayyid Samer enjoys interacting with those who have a desire to learn. Among the courses he has conducted are "Spoken Arabic", ‘Health and Wellbeing in Islamic Traditions’, ‘The Holy Qur’an: Understanding Translations and Concepts’, ‘Islamic Jurisprudence’, and ‘Migration’. Sayyid Samer has authored Migration and the Choice Between a Permissible Difficult and a Forbidden Ease (2020), and Pursuing Excellence: The Guide to Memorising the Holy Qur’an (available online). He has also translated two works of Shaykh Mohsen Gharaati: Parables: Important Questions, Simple Answers (2017), and Ramadhan with The Holy Qur’an: 30 Lessons in 30 Days (2017).

Are we truely repentant?

By |2024-05-05T12:02:23+03:30May 5th, 2024|Advice From Greats|

Remorse, a Condition for Repentance: One of the conditions for repentance is to feel remorse for the prohibitions committed and the obligations neglected. Are we as afraid of recommitting a sin as we are of falling ill to a difficult physical illness we have previously experienced?

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This upcoming Hajj, an important issue to consider for sisters (The Pill!)

By |2024-04-30T23:09:07+03:30April 24th, 2024|Islamic, Jurisprudence, Medicine|

Considering the pill for hajj? As the anticipation for Hajj intensifies, individuals of varying backgrounds, from the young to the seasoned, eagerly prepare for this sacred journey. Whether embarking on this spiritual odyssey for the first time or as seasoned pilgrims, the excitement resonates deeply.

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Australian Passports

By |2023-08-10T12:55:14+03:30August 10th, 2023|Qom|

If you are looking to renew/replace your Australia passport - get your photos from the recommended photo shop.  They have rejected other photos or at [...]

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Emergency Numbers

By |2023-08-10T12:45:22+03:30August 10th, 2023|Qom|

POLICE  - 110      FIRE - 125    AMBULANCE - 112    EMERGENCY - 115 Phone Contact 110 پلیس POLICE 111 ارتباط با دولت [...]

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