The question of migrating from one country to another is one that is both important and one that has jurisprudential implications upon the migrant. The concept of migration is not just a geographical one, so this booklet is not only intended for those who wish to travel from Islamic countries to non-Islamic countries – but can also apply to those who wish to do the opposite, or to stay with in either.

The questions of who should migrate? Where should we migrate to? How long to stay there? What happens when a reason to migrate is lifted? Can spouses have different obligations with regards to migrating? What about mature children and their obligations if the parents migrate? Does financial status have an impact? And are these answers different to scholars who migrate to preach?

Ayahs of the Holy Qur’an, traditions, what classic and modern scholars have to say on the issue will be presented to the reader so that they can make their own decisions based on the information provided and their own personal circumstance.

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