“I leave behind amongst you two weighty things: The Book of Allahﷻ and my Progeny – The Purified Household Peace Be Upon Them, and never shall these two ever separate till they return

 to me by the Pool (of Paradise).”

The Prophet, blessings be upon him and his Purified Household, of Allahﷻ

The Prophet, blessings be upon him and his Purified Household, has stated in a narration that is agreed upon by both major schools of thought, and in multiple ways at multiple times, that he leaves with us two significant and invaluable resources, which are inseparable.  In another similar narration, he states that we shall not go astray should we adhere by both.

This undisputed tradition, and others like it, cement in place the importance of both the Holy Qur’an and the etiquettes and teachings of The Purified Household Peace Be Upon Them.

That we cannot separate one from the other, nor can we hold on fast to one, but not the other.  It is a confirmation that if we wish to climb the spiritual journey in pursuit of perfection, that we must adhere to both weighty things.  And to neglect one ultimately leads to neglecting both!

A bird, after all, can only fly with two wings.

One of the best ways in which one can be familiar with the Holy Qur’an is its memorisation.  This requires effort, dedication, time, and motivation.

It is with this view that we hope to present a small contribution in which it is hoped the importance, significance, benefits, and proven methods for memorising the Holy Qur’an can be clarified, while dispelling some of the myths surrounding this important subject.