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Supreme Leader:
“In our political literature, the words ‘مستضعف’ (mustad’af) and ‘استضعاف’ (istid’af) have entered… ❗️’مستضعف’ is different from ‘ضعیف’ (za’if).

👉Where ‘ضعیف’ means someone who is weak.
👉and ‘مستضعف’ means someone who has been kept weak.

◼️ Being kept weak, which is the meaning of ‘مستضعف’, has two types:
▪️ Sometimes a power comes, mounts on a nation, gains dominance, and keeps them weak…
It is a bad thing, a dangerous thing.

🚫 More dangerous than this is the second type of ‘استضعاف’:
▪️ It is when a nation believes itself to be weak, believes that it is powerless, believes that it cannot…
🚫 This is very dangerous…

In the period before the revolution, we had both types of ‘استضعاف’… They wanted to make us believe that as an Iranian, you are not capable, why do you insist in vain, why do you make an effort.”

🗓 1402/03/21


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Translated by: Samer Hakim