If all of humanity build houses facing the sun, nothing will be added to the sun, and if all of humanity build houses facing away from the sun, the sun will not deteriorate in any way.  The sun is not in any need of mankind to be facing it, rather it is mankind that is need of the sun’s heat, light and energy that houses are built facing the sun.

In asking us to pray, God is not in any need of human beings worship for Him.  Rather, its mankind that is in need of facing towards Him in order to obtain the Divine special favours that could be bestowed upon us and for our own growth.

The Qur’an reminds us of the following:

وَقَالَ مُوسَىٰ إِن تَكْفُرُوا أَنتُمْ وَمَن فِي الْأَرْضِ جَمِيعًا فَإِنَّ اللَّـهَ لَغَنِيٌّ حَمِيدٌ

And Prophet Moses 7 Said “If you are ungrateful, you and those on earth all together, most surely Allah is Self-sufficient, Praised”([1]).

([1]) Ibrahim 14:8