Allahﷻ says

{انا خير شَريك فمن عَمل لِغيرى فهو لِمَن عَمله غيرى}

I am the best partner, if one performs a deed where their goal is both I and something/someone else then their reward is with that whom they partnered with Me.([1])  Any form of shirk or partnering with Allahﷻ is an insult to His Grandeur and Status.

If someone was to say “I love both you and a rock” it would be an insult.

If someone was to say “I cooked this food for both you and my cat” it would again be an insult.

The result of following the Divine Laws is the growth and perfection of mankind while shirk and hypocrisy is the cause of the downfall of mankind.  If one mouse falls in to a pot of food that whole pot is wasted.

One day a crew of a flight disembarked all the passengers and their cargo and said that there was a mouse sighted on the plane.  They asked: “We had to disembark because of a single mouse?”  The reply was affirmative, because that mouse may have eaten away a wire which cuts communication lines between the pilot and the airports control tower and the plane may end up crashing.

The mouse, being “Shirk”, chews away the wire and cuts the connection between the worshipper and his creator.

[1] Wasail Al Shia V1 P72.