The water and electricity utilities provide the same quantities to all homes they service, the dwellers of those homes can use these services in both proper and sinister ways.

Allahﷻ has created mankind free willed and everyone is able develop in ways according to their own choices.  If one makes an informed choice to choose an evil path, the blame falls upon themselves.

But the question is why then does Allahﷻ not impede such people?  It is because if Allahﷻ was to

  • mute every slanderer and individual that uses profanities
  • paralyse the hands of every oppressor that raises their hand against the oppressed
  • blind the eyes that views obscenities
  • deafens the ears the listens to blasphemy etc.

then are these individuals able to be praised any longer for not doing their respective wrongs?  The value of reward is when one, by their own free will, knowledge and choice, perform a deed or refrain from one.  If you tie the hands of a person, take money from the pocket and spend that money benevolently, you cannot say that person is charitable, and if one is blind you cannot praise their piety for not looking!

Allahﷻ wants mankind to be free to choose between good and evil and act upon the decision.