Every night, we await the rising of the next day’s sun, however that does not mean that we just sit there wait in the darkness, but rather, everyone can turn on the light in their own room.

During winter, we await the return of summer, but that does not mean we should shiver in winter and not warm up our homes.

During the period of the Occultation of the Imam of Our Time, may his return be hastened, we should fight oppression to the best of our ability and work towards the embitterment of ourselves and community.  In our narrations we reaي

افضلُ الاعمال اِتتضارُ الفَرج

the best of deeds is awaiting the reappearance of our Imam, ([1]) may his return be hastened.  Based on this narration, “awaiting” is not a status, but rather an occupation or task… افضلُ الاعمال – the best deed!  So in reality, awaiting actually requires work to be done.    A reformer awaiting must be reformed themselves, someone who is waiting for their guests to arrive does not rest while they are waiting.

The role of people during Occultation is to self-develop and to enjoin what is right with truth and to educate members of our community, and not to remain idle.

[1] Bihar Al Anwar V75 P208