It is innately built in to humans that we idolise champions, take lead from and are impressed upon by role models.  One of the best and most influential ways to grow and develop is through the knowledge of an appropriate role model.  The more that role model is apparent and complete, the more attractive they are.

Patronage and the love of Ahlul Bayet: is the foundation of taking leads and being impressed upon by role models as is the patronage to such greats.  Therefore, if any one loves someone as their role model they would try hard to act, speak and behave like they do.

Of course, the connection and love an individual may have will have value when that individual tries hard to be inspired by their role model, follow them and support them in a practical way.

If a child asks for biscuits from his father, and his father promises to buy them for him, the child’s eyes will be locked on the door awaiting his father’s return.  A soon as the father walks in, the child asks if he has fulfilled his promise to bring the biscuits, and if the father replies “No, but I love you very much”, will that love without action be appreciated?