If you enter a house in which you know this place has no owner, nor is there any accountability, nor any cameras watching over your actions, nor having control over your actions… without any trace of system or mandate over what you do.  In such an unrestrained and unhampered free environment, whatever discipline over our actions and control over ourselves will be considered to be to our disadvantage. However, if we know that this house has an owner and that we are accountable with all our actions under full view of the owner, we would certainly act differently.  Faith brings us this: An Owner by the name of The Wise God, taking accountability for our actions in the name of (the day of) Resurrection.  For all our thoughts, actions and words, there are rewards and punishments, and we too will take account of our own actions and make an effort to thwart any rebellion. Any actions in which the owner does not like, we would not do because we know we will be accountable for our entire actions, be they good or evil, and God is ever waiting in ambush (ever watching us).([1])

([1]) See Surah Fajr Ayah 14 explanations.