When Imam Redha peace be upon him was being escorted to Ma’moon in Khurasan (now the holy city of Mashad), and upon arriving in an area called “Sanabath”, he said the following:

“اللهم أنفع به وبارك فيما يجعل فيه وفيما ينحت منه”

“Oh Lord – make this beneficial and bless what is made in it and what is made from it.”

Imam Redha peace be upon him supplicated for the pots that are carved made for mountains or stones, and considered in Islam as the best 

form of material to cook in! He then ordered his caravan to carve pots out of the mountain and he did not eat except what was cooked in them, and was a light eater. And from that day the people who are followers of the Imams were guided to cook with stoneware.

Also, in other narrations, copper ware (must be covered with tin on the inside) and glassware are recommended.

#Copperware: Are sold in weight and can be resold back to the shops in their own weight again! Good as gold… no loss in value unlike other “modern” products that have $0 value after first use or if scratched (apart from health risks – so non-stick pots and pans are not recommended).

#Copperware: very fast conductor of heat (used in wires to conduct electricity!) so our family no longer uses a #Microwave!! We simply heat in copper ware.

#Glassware is great to cook with.

#Stoneware is harder to cook with, however, we no longer use a #pressure cooker as a result! Pressure cookers speed up the process of cooking to super natural speeds and what is good for you takes time to develop. In Islamic Health and Well being, pressure cookers are not recommended due to the cooking process and the steel it contains.

#Stoneware: Before first use, cook some tallow (cow fat) on light fire or grease the inside with tallow and place under the sun for a day.

#Cleaning #Copperware: The outside may darken – the original colour can be returned with vinegar and salt. The inside needs to be coated with tin when the copper appears through the surface. This is to avoid copper entering the food. It is not recommended to use copper cups or cutlery.


Did you know: Teflon and other non-stick pans kill parrots and birds!! Veterinarians are aware of this fact and advice those who keep birds to not keep them in the kitchen when cooking with them.

In Summary: We should

  • Not be using pressure cookers or teflon/non-stick coated pots and pans.
  • Not be using microwaves.
  • Be using stoneware.
  • Be using copperware (tin coated).
  • Be using glassware.