The narrations are so detailed – that they even advice us how and when to cut our #nails!!

According to the narrations, fo rthe purposes of cutting our nails:

Saturdays: Not good – Cause of illness on the fingers.
Sundays: Not good – blessings are removed from life.
Mondays: Good – For memorising and to be a reciter of the Holy Qur’an.
Tuesdays: Not good – Be fearful of your demise.
Wednesdays: Not good – Cause of bad manners.
Thursdays: Very good – Pain and illness is removed from the body – a cause of cure and healing.
Fridays: Very good – increases life and wealth, protection from certain illnesses.

The best day to cut nails is Thursdays – and cutting should start with the nails of the little finger of the left hand/foot and end with the that of the little finger of the right hand/foot.