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501, 2018

How many ayahs are there in the Holy Qur’an?

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There are 6,236 Ayahs in the Holy Qur'an. We know there are 114 surahs, but many tend to not realise how many ayahs there are in the Holy Qur'an.   Some may give answers such as 6,666 or other variables.  We roughly know there are 6,000 ayahs, but what is the definitive answer? The following table lists the number of Ayahs in each surah so that you can open the Holy Book verify the answer for yourself and put the debate to rest. Surah Order Name Final Count 1 1. Al-Fatihah (The Opening) 7 2 2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow) 286 3 3. Al-'Imran (The [...]

308, 2017

Surah 093

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108, 2017

Surah 094

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3007, 2017

Surah 096

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2907, 2017

Surah 095

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2407, 2017

Surah 101

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