If you are looking to renew/replace your Australia passport – get your photos from the recommended photo shop.  They have rejected other photos or at least instilled doubt in to photos from other shops (in particular those from other than Tehran!).

Interesting to note that the Embassy accepted a photo from Qom which had the signature of the guarantor on it – so you can prepare that in Qom before coming to Tehran.  Make an appointment first.

Other things you need to know

  1. Check times they accept submissions of applications.
  2. You need to bring birth certificates, old passports, the parents passports if for a child, proof of citizenship, and they may ask for your drivers license or other ID.
  3. Cash. Check amounts and which currency they will accept. They do not as yet accept AUD!
  4. When they call you to pick up the passport, ask them to prepare a letter confirming the new passport is legit so you can get your residency transferred to the new passport.

Details of the embassy here: https://iran.embassy.gov.au/

Please note location:

Dropped pin
Near Asad Abad, Tehran, Tehran Province

Street Address
No. 11, Yekta Street, Bahar Street
Shahid Fallahi Street, Valie Asr Avenue
Tehran 1973633651

Consular and Passport Services and General Enquiries
Telephone +98 21 7206 8666
Fax +98 21 7206 8777
E-mail dfat-tehran@dfat.gov.au