The following are the steps required in order to change your residency status from that of a student to that of your spouse.

It is written from the point of view that the husband is a non Iranian marries/is married to an Iranian citizen.

The steps required should, it be the other way around, not be vastly different.

To get the residency in Iran with out relying on Al-Mustafa University as a student, here is what you need to do:

[] Marry an Iranian.

[] First time: you need to change the residency from student to spouse.  To do this, get a letter from you school to get an exit stamp on your passport with out exiting (They will give a destination as Qom). Ask for a request of a letter of discount from Al-Mustafa at the same time to skip a step below).

[]Valid Passport

[] Copy of first page

[] Copy of last residency permit

[] Wife’s Shinasnama

[] Copy of Shinasnama first page

[] Copy of Shinasnama Family Members

[] Original and Copy of something in the name of the wife – house or car ownership, rent in the name of wife.  Otherwise 3 million touman security to be deposited.

[] Fill out residence permit application form.

[] Wife to fill out official rizayat nama for residency and exit application for which she can make it a permanent document.

[] A copy of the letter above for each passport.

[] Get letter from the Al-Mustafa for yourself and children to obtain discount.  Mujtama3 Al Amin (near Kawthar shop).  Here they will play room ping pong with you fill you get the letter.

[] A copy of the above for each passport.

[] you can also get a letter from the school of your child for the discount. (No experience with this)

[] Cost of the application.

[] Other documents of interest: Extension and Exit Application Form, Residency Renewal Application Form

Location of building for this work:
Passport office in Qom
Qom, Qom Province
021 83909