What to do in Qom?  Here is a list of potential places..  Many more could be added.

1. Mulla Sadras home – open every other day and it’s a bit like russian roulette, we can go and hope its open!  Nice place… nothing special but got me very excited.

2. Jamkaran. This is a major tourist attraction. I haven’t been there this trip (only been once) and whether you believe in it or not is touch and go here. I am still confused !! leaning towards no.

3. On the way to Jamkaran there is Maqam of Nabi Khidr. 700 steps up a mountain that will probably earn you a nice lunch afterwards.

4. House of Light (Bayet Ul Noor) Where seyda Fatima stayed in the 17 days she was in Qom.

5. Najafi Library. Major, old, plenty of history, been there and loved it.

6. A few cemeteries of Martyrs, been to one, nice… a few stories i can share, but again, might not get the kids too excited!

7. Shops shops shops… lovely places to shop for modern (wouldn’t recommend) or traditional stuff (highly recommend).

8. If you would like specific hijab to be prepared we can do that for the ladies on the first day then hopefully have it ready before you leave.  About $50-100 each

9. Ansarian Book shop: english books. Highly recommend.

10. Arabic book shops – Passage Qods.

11. Restaurants of course… a few to choose from with nice settings.

12. Faydhiya, I can take you there, lovely place and where the revolution started form. Easy, or can direct you to how to get there very close to Harram.

13. Maraji3 offices… (Syed Sistani, Ayatoallahs Bahjat, Khamanei and much much more)

14. >400 Imam Zadas!!

15. Did I mention Syeda Fatimas Harram?

16. Marqad of Sheikh Sadooqs father.

17. Islamic history musuem. New. – Jurisprudential museum

18. Museum of Syeda Fatima Masooma History, car park on the other side.

19. Go to Kashan – historical houses.

20. Water Park with slides, waves, section for kids, segregated by days.  Discounted tickets here.

(Written in 2019)