On the issue of the UN 2030 Agenda and Education

The reason behind the insistence of the world tyrants on infiltrating the education systems of nations is a point that I would like to emphasize and contemplate. This infiltration, sometimes accompanied by a grand spectacle like the 2030 agenda that has gained worldwide attention, aims to impose Western culture, lifestyle, and goals on all countries. Why? For what reason? Why should a country like ours, with its rich and profound divine and faith-based culture, the prominent and shining Iranian culture, be influenced by the teachings of those whose civilization and culture are new, materialistic, erroneous, and failed?

Today, the social philosophy of the West has failed within itself. Well, imagine what’s happening in America. In America, from Hollywood to the Pentagon – that is, consider the distance between Hollywood and the Pentagon – corruption prevails everywhere; there, here, and in between.

Why should the culture of a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran, or perhaps other Islamic countries in the world, be influenced by a document devised by individuals from corrupt and misguided societies?

Therefore, it should be noted that their insistence on infiltration is due to the impact on education. They can accomplish things through this means that they cannot easily achieve through military actions.

It is done somewhere and in some cases through a public tool like this 2030 agenda, which, unfortunately, has also received attention in our country. I have heard that some elements of this agenda are being implemented surreptitiously by ignorant or negligent individuals, and I request that the honorable minister pursue this matter seriously.

It is similar to the infiltration into the education systems of some regional countries, which we are aware of, where they change textbooks, alter the position of teachers, and modify the curriculum without any fanfare, separating individuals from the collective and training them in their own countries.

They seek to infiltrate education systems. In my opinion, this is very important. It is necessary for everyone to be sensitive to the infiltration of the enemy, to be vigilant and cautious. They insist on infiltration, and you must understand why. Through this infiltration, they want to operationalize their own objectives, their wicked goals, and create individuals who think like them. So, imagine if they want to plunder a country, and there are people within that country who agree with this plunder, who think like them, this plunder will be easily and conveniently carried out. In any case, this perspective needs to be taken into consideration.

Source: https://farsi.khamenei.ir/speech-content?id=46388

And in another speech….

Dear all! Pay close attention, especially esteemed officials who are present. This is where the significance of Agenda 2030 becomes apparent. The essence and core message of Agenda 2030, particularly in its crucial chapter on education, is that the educational system should teach children the Western lifestyle and philosophy of life. This is the essence of Agenda 2030.

What does it mean? It means that esteemed individuals, who are educated and concerned about their country, should raise soldiers for the West in their classrooms. The insistence and efforts surrounding Agenda 2030, whether overt or covert, aim to strengthen its influence on the relations between countries, including our own country. The meaning behind this is that the instructions, recommendations, and key points in this agenda for education imply that education must shape the intellectual framework of students in a way that their life philosophy, foundation, and understanding of life align with Western thinking.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Sit here and train soldiers for England, France, America, and the rest of these perfumed, cologne-wearing, image-oriented savages; those who kill without batting an eye and support murderers without flinching. They say, “Sir, why do you support Saudi Arabia?” They say, “We need their money,” knowing full well what they are doing in Yemen, yet they still provide support. Let them stay there, while we raise soldiers and supporters in Iran, in Asian countries, West Asian countries, Islamic countries, and the like.

This is what Agenda 2030 is all about.

Source: https://farsi.khamenei.ir/speech-content?id=42410