The less children use mobile phones, the better. The closer you get them to use phones to zero, the more the more success they will attain.  But with shared mobile phones, after two years, children can use their mobile phones in a limited way without being leading to dependence on it.

For example, I can show an animation for a child for five or six minutes, the content of which may be a good lesson for the child, to a three-year-old. There is no problem in that, it’s very short.

The rule is that children, up to the age of about 13 or even older, can use their mobile phones up to a maximum of two hours after all the other media. A part of the mobile phones in the house can be used. Now, we can play a good game of intellect. For example, some of these apps to draw cartoon …. But it’s very short.

Let’s not forget the mobile phone. When I said that it’s a hundred minutes, I mean in total of every form of media. A hundred minutes of all media, television, mobile phones, computer games…

Ustad Terashiuoon