A fallacy

It is often said that raising children in the west is possible, and that there are many examples of children who have been raised in the west who are role models and examples of excellent Muslims.  While there is no denying the possibility, the argument used is a fallacy.

This fallacy, which is to identify those children who have been raised well in that society and showcasing them as examples of how it is possible to raise children in the best possible way and to their highest potential, should be viewed with in context.

By in large, those children are indeed the minority and represent a smaller percentage of the Muslim population than is portrayed in the argument.  Most children will have been affected somehow when it comes to their fundamentals in faith, where fallacies are inserted in to their minds through either education or entertainment, or through their peers.

When these fundamentals are shaken, the community and parents alike start to focus on keeping the children maintain their jurisprudential duties such as fasting and praying.  But over time, even these become weak, and this time from two angles.  One, from the continued pressure that was the primary cause of their weakening fundamentals, and the other, from the view that acting upon jurisprudential laws without a solid foundation as to why they are performing them causes a vicious cycle in the disintegration of ones faith.

Unfortunately, youth from the Muslim community then end up leading double lives and a split in their behaviour.  One that is the face they put on in front of their families and communities, and another, with their own friends and in their private lives.

Anecdotally, anonymous questions can reveal the thought patterns of such troubled youth.  And unfortunately, it appears rife.  Teenage girls (let alone boys) admit to addiction to pornography, and concerned, not about their Hereafter, but about their parents finding out lest they take away their internet!  Teenagers admitting to addiction to Crystal Myth, alcohol and similar drugs (smoking is not even a concern at this stage!).

There is a direct relationship between the availability of these Islamically forbidden products and services and the take up of their use.  When it comes to deciding to live in such places, such factors as availability of these items and services, freely and with societies acceptance, and the lack of readily available Mosques, Islamic Schools, professional consulting services and the like.

Nonetheless, it is not to say it is not possible to raise children in the west.  And at times, it is even surprising how children turn out in the different environments.  There is no denial youth in Islamic countries have also gone astray in pockets of their respective communities.

[su_pullquote]وعن الحسن تراه ولد في الاسلام ونشأ بين المسلمين يبيع دينه بكذا وكذا، وهؤلاء كفار نشئوا في الكفر بذلوا أنفسهم لله[/su_pullquote]

You see a child born in to Islam and has been raised amongst Muslims but sells his faith for such and such, and you see those infidels (Magicians who immediately submitted to Prophet Moses, peace be upon him) raised in infidelity sacrificing themselves for Allah Al Mighty.[1]

[1] (Tafsir Al Zamakhshari ) V2 P103