Our books of supplications, such as Mafateeh Al Jinaan, have supplications narrated for all hours of the day and supplications for all days of the year, however, this is like the example of when you go to a bus station, an airport or train station.  You see the time table for departure times at all hours of the day, for example at 8am, 9am, 10am and so on.  It does not mean that every traveler needs to travel on every hour that a service is available, but rather it means that once you make a decision to travel during a particular period, that there are such and such services available at so and so times.  Likewise, with supplications, whenever someone wishes to recite a supplication at a particular period of time, there are specific supplications for that scenario.

In addition, small supplications, especially if one memorizes them, can be recited while going on with your daily business without affecting your daily routine.