Each movement has several elements to it: The beginning, a path, a vehicle, a guide and a destination.  Between these five elements, the guide is the most important.

If the leader and guide is knowledgeable and pious, neither goal would be lost nor will there be any deviation.

If the leader is worthy and people are obedient, problems are solved, if a needle is sharp of and a thread is also attached to it, any fabric can be sewn by it, but if the needle is blunt or thread becomes detached, even the closest fabric won’t be stitched.

If people are disobedient, the leader’s task won’t be advanced just like the thread that doesn’t follow the needle, no matter how hard the needle tries to thread the fabric.   The movement and the penetration of the needle in to different fabrics will depend upon the thread following the needle.   A skilled driver is able to drive a vehicle even if the vehicle is damaged in some way.  In this way, the prophets were able to build the best of communities even in the most difficult circumstances.

However, if the leader is unqualified, even if under the best of conditions, those conditions and opportunities will be wastes, just like if the best supercar goes under the control an amateur driver, it will be driven in to the gorge!