Often there are questions about what to drink so as to minimise dehydration. One of those drinks that are good for the Month of Ramadhan for this purpose is called Sirkankabeen or Srkinjabeen (سرکنکبین یا سکنجبین) – depending on whether it is made with honey or (brown) sugar respectively.

For those of us not lucky enough to be living in the I.R.Iran where these are readily available – you can easily make them at home. Here is how:

You need:
1 part grape vinegar
1 part or as much as needed of mint (the plant!)
2 parts honey or brown sugar or mixture of the two.

How to make:
Step 1: Mix the honey and vinegar and add mint to the mixture.
Step 2: Place on fire until it becomes a thick consistent texture.
Step 3: Boil for 10 minutes.
Step 4: Remove the mint.
Step 5: Dilute half a cup of this product with 4 cups of water and enjoy!

Let us know your feed back and send us pics if you try this out! @SamerHakim