Weight loss advice from the narrations of the Ahlul Bayet – Peace Be Upon Them.

1. Limiting food – not eating unless hungry and stopping while yearning for more.
2. Not mixing foods – ie – eat one type of food per sitting – including not eating appetisers.
3. Use of the “Hammam” (Sauna) daily – on an empty stomach.
4. Increasing the following foods:
a) Fish – especially soft meat fish, apparently better fresh.
b) Foods that heat up the kidneys (eggs, carrots, walnut and the like!)
c) Dry proteins such as in cheese, dry meat, dry plant proteins such as oil seeds that have been squeezed)
5. Minimising foods that increase fat such as meats, youghurt, meats combined with youghurts, sawiq, figs…)

From pages 159-166 of the Arabic version of Sheikh Tabrizians book. Narrations available on request.