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☝️ The connection with the Almighty God is not something that happens once, where the gates of His throne are opened and He greets you, saying, “Enter the throne!” Each person should seek enlightenment according to their capacity, understand every guidance, and then strive to act upon it.

👥 Some people expect to cover a great distance overnight, which is impossible. The world operates based on cause and effect, just as God has ordained. Everything follows its own causes and means.

💫 Imam Sadiq (AS) said, “Allah refuses that things happen except through causes.” God does not bring about things without their appropriate means.

On the path of God, persistence, humility before the Divine Court, and a #feeling_ of_thirst (longing) are necessary for the opening of the way.

💫 As it is narrated, “One who persists in knocking on the door will have it opened.” If someone keeps knocking and shows determination, the door will eventually open.

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🔶 تا بجوشد آب از بالا و پست


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