💫 Imam Ali (AS) says:
“رأس کلّ شرّ القحة”
“The root of all evil is #Lack_of_Modesty.”

🚫 And when it comes to #Lack_of_Modesty, He said:
“The worst of the wicked are those who have no shame before people and do not fear Allah, the Most High.”
The greatest harm is caused by those who lack modesty towards people and show no fear of the Almighty.

⬅️ The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) further elaborates on the consequences of #Lack_of_Modesty:
“The first thing that separates a person from Allah is modesty. Thus, it incurs His wrath,
followed by the removal of trust,
then the cessation of mercy,
and ultimately, the abandonment of the Islamic faith.
Consequently, one becomes the #cursed satan.”

⭕️ This means that #Lack_of_Modesty initially undermines human dignity and character.
If one fails to pay attention to this matter, their actions will deteriorate after #Divine_warnings.
And important matters that reflect one’s true character are taken away from them.
Consequently, they become a source of wickedness for others, just like Satan, ultimately leading to misery.

☝️ As Imam Ali (AS) states:
“من لا حیاء له فلا خیر فیه”
“Those who lack #modesty have no goodness in them.”

The true meaning of goodness is the #Goodness_Suitable_For_Human_Existence.
❗️ Although one may possess some good thoughts, feelings, and actions, they will not have a positive impact if they lack the quality of modesty.


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Translated by: Samer Hakim